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"It requires one with great expertise and experience to manage a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign successfully and profitably."


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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - Immediate results

What is SEM?
It is the use of Google advertisements to reach out to high quality prospects on the Internet, both in Singapore and worldwide. Whether prospects are actively searching for products or services that your business sells via Google or surfing websites which are relevant to your business, you can promote your website to them via SEM.

With an increasingly trend of people in Singapore and around the world accessing the Internet on a daily basis, businesses cannot afford to ignore this powerful advertising platform. The Internet can be a great platform to advertise your business if you know how to use it wisely.
How to manage SEM?
Shark Web can help you manage your SEM (Google Adwords) campaign efficiently. There are 2 ways SEM allows you to get many more new leads and customers.

1. Google Search Advertising. With Google search advertising, you can place advertisements at the top of Google search results when people search for keywords related to your business.

SEM (Google Adwords)

For example, assume you are XYZ company which offers private investigation services in Singapore. With AdWords, if people search for "XYZ", "XYZ Company", and "private investigators in Singapore", your website will ideally always appear at the top advertisement section of the Google search results.

2. Google Display Advertising. With Google display advertising, you can place banner advertisements for your website on millions of Google Partner websites which are highly relevant to what your business is selling.

SEM (Display Ads)

There are many strategies to employ using SEM. For instance, with SEM, you can target specific target audience based on geographical locations (e.g. Singapore), language, time they access the web and many other factors! It can also give you the flexibility to bid for your competitors' brand names. This means that your website can appear at the top advertisement section of Google when people search for your competitors, allowing you to capture even more market share!

You can go with either a pay-per-click (PPC) or pay-per-thousand impressions (PPM) system where you will pay Google a certain amount for every click or 1,000 impressions on your website respectively.

It requires one with great expertise and experience to manage a SEM campaign successfully and profitably.


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Benefits of SEM

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* Exposes your website to high volumes of traffic on the Internet (via Google search engine & millions of Google Partner websites)
* Creates brand awareness (when people keep seeing your brand name on Google or while browsing other websites)
* Increases number of new leads
* You only pay for results (whenever people click on your website or see your banner advertisement on Google Partner websites)
* Compared to SEO, SEM can give you much faster results


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Necessary work involved

The results of SEM campaigns are largely dependent on the expertise of the person managing the campaign. We have expert AdWords consultants in Singapore who will plan and fully manage the SEM campaign for your business.

Here are some of the professional work we will carry out for your SEM campaign:

- Analyzing your competition on Google Adwords
- Analyzing and determining optimal keywords and associated bid prices
- Designing of the banner advertisements
- Monitoring of your campaign and re-optimizing keywords and bid prices based on market reactions
... and many more!


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Our service features:

* Professional SEM expertise (Ensures increasing number of visitors at a lower cost per lead over time - assuming constant advertising budget)
* No minimum contractual period
* Flexible changing of advertising budget anytime
* Daily monitoring of SEM campaign performance
* Monthly detailed reports (Updates on advertisements' rankings, advertising cost, website traffic count)

Your goals are to increase brand awareness, leads, revenue and profits. Likewise, we share the same thoughts as you.

The importance of running profitable Adwords marketing campaigns for our clients is immense and we strive to produce stellar results. At Shark Web, we work hard and smart to make sure that your SEM campaigns are profitable (revenue earned per lead is more than cost per lead). That's why clients generally increase their Adwords (PPC or PPM) budget over time with us to realize more profits.

If you win, we will win too. That's why our clients stay with us since the beginning.

Start your SEM (Adwords) campaign with Shark Web today!

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