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"Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is well known to be one of the most effective Internet marketing techniques to establish an online presence, build your brand name and gets you more customers."


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Search engine optimization gets 94% of clicks

What is SEO?
It is an important Internet marketing technique to push your website's organic ranking higher for keywords and phrases related to your business on Google.
Why perform SEO for your website?
Currently, there is an increasing number of people in Singapore and around the world using Google to search for products and services.

A marketing research by Nielsen and GroupM UK found that out of 1.4 billion search queries on Google, 94% clicked only on organic (SEO) results as shown below in green, instead of Google ads by the side and top. This clearly proves websites which appear in the organic (SEO) ranking section get most of the visitors on Google.

SEO Organic Rankings

You want people to find your website if they search for your brand name or products and services that your business sells. If you have not hired any SEO company in Singapore or engaged good, white hat SEO services for your website before, your website will not be found in the organic section of Google.

It is important to be found over your competitors. For example, assume you are ABC company which sells electronic toy cars in Singapore. With SEO, if people search for "ABC", "ABC company", and "electronic toy cars in Singapore", your website will ideally always appear on the top of Google results with SEO and majority of the people in Singapore can find your website.

SEO is one of the most effective Internet marketing techniques to establish an online presence and get more customers. Ranking your website well on Google search engine virtually guarantees there will be more interested people visiting your website on a constant basis.

** People who find your website through Google search engine are already interested in your products & services - making these leads and enquiries very valuable!


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Benefits of SEO

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* Gets you more customers through top rankings on Google search
* Creates strong brand awareness (when people keep seeing your brand name on Google)
* Maintains high online visibility by letting prospects or customers who visited your website but forgot its exact URL to find your website when they search for your brand name on Google
* Increases number of new leads
* Compared to Google ads, SEO is much more effective over the long term - it gets you more visitors as 94% of people click on organic (SEO) results versus Google ads


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Necessary work involved


There is a long list of technical work behind SEO.

Shark Web strictly adopts white hat SEO methodology. This means that our SEO consultants only abide by Google's best practices and guidelines and take no shortcuts to build your website's online authority. Some SEO companies in Singapore may offer cheaper prices by using unethical methods to rank your website higher on Google; only to have your website being penalized and excluded from Google completely a few months later.

When it comes to something as important as your website, we take no risks and shortcuts. We just focus on providing you with the best SEO services that is virtually guaranteed to increase your website's rankings on Google consistently over the long term.

Here are some of the powerful methods our SEO consultants bring to your website:

- Getting relevant social media signals to your website
- Contextual links from relevant and authority websites
- Submitting your website to relevant business online directories
- Improving the domain authority and trust flow of your website
- On-page optimization as necessary
- ... and many more!


image SEO 2    Our service features:

* Powerful and safe white hat methodology (Guarantees fast and long-lasting results)
* Monthly detailed reports (Website's rankings, traffic count, work done, etc)
* No minimum contractual period (Our services work for as long as you need it)

Start your SEO services with Shark Web today!

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